Do we really want to know the truth about our partners? The whole truth?

We don’t even know the truth about ourselves–it’s too complex, we change everyday. Would I love my hubby more, would our marriage be stronger, if we knew every detail of each other? Do I really want to put the relationship under a microscope? Will my commitment be stronger because of a 3 a.m. dissection? ‘

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June 7, 2017


  1. Very fine line here… guess it’s another grey area. Ideally, yes, there should be no secrets between a husband and wife, but what if the secret you hold could disrupt the marriage? Or the peace? In my opinion, it would also depend on what kind of truth one is holding back…

  2. I might come across as a shady person here but trust me, in my opinion, I do not think that being 100% honest is a great idea. All of us are seperate individuals and we need our personal spaces. There can be encounters and incidents, which might have happened in the past or might happen in the future, which our partner might not understand. Why create complications?

  3. While it is s tempting thought to know the minutest detail about your partner, it’s not always the healthiest thing to do for a relationship. We all have our grey areas and sometimes it is best to let things be the way they are, as long as the relationship is giving you happiness. Over-analysis also takes away the mystery and the charm. Leave some surprises for later!

  4. Relationship is an art and not mathematics. Considering minutest details and everytime wanting to arrive at a conclusion is not necessary.

  5. In my opinion, yes it makes sense to know your partner well. By this I mean to say that giving space also has a boundary, which when crossed leads to voids. When you know everything about your partner, some information may scare you, make you wary of trusting them…..but in the end this very honesty will seal the bond. Otherwise most are just roommates in today’s world.

  6. In the initial stages of a relationship, I think we do go through that phase when we want every little detail about our partner, but sometimes, it comes back to bite us in the butt…and through no fault of the other person who has revealed him/herself trustingly. I think we should be content with the amount we can handle. We all have a past, why prod it and disturb it?

  7. No body is 100% honest in any relationship. We all know it about ourselves but don’t want to accept it! Then why expect the partner to tell you everything- the whole truth?*p*It is more important to believe in your partner than to know everything about them.

  8. It’s more fun for during fights one can bring these up! However if a relationship is strong it doesn’t matter. No matter what the other does, one can’t stop loving. Can one?

  9. You are quite right about the fact that we can never know for sure what we really are as our mood keep on changing from time to time. Marriage is all about knowing each other with each passing day and this quest for knowledge never ends. That is exactly what you call a special relationship where you tend to be always curious about each other and I feel that the time when we stop exploring each other is the time when the relationship comes to a standstill. So do not worry if you feel that you do not know everything about your partner instead continue exploring each other so that this quest never ends and you slowly begin to grow within each other.*p*

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