Do you feel jealous in your relationship? What really stirs up your emotions and how do you deal with it?

Some partners obviously get more jealous that others. What kind of things would make you the most jealous and how much jealousy would you accept from your partner? Is jealousy a sign of love or a sign of insecurity/lack of trust? How do you see it?

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Shuchi Kalra
June 7, 2017


  1. Yes! I feel jealous esp when I know that the other person is my spouse’s type! Also I am trying to figure out what hurts? My ego or is it really any insecurity.

  2. I dont think i’ve succumbed to jealousy…,it is a sign of insecurity, but that does’nt mean I’m too secure in myself, its just the way I am…sometimes a little bit can reignite your relationship but beyond that it can be disastrous

  3. Oh, I have my share of jealousies. I do get jealous when I know my partner overtly praises someone. So, what hurts me, is my own insecurity. When I was younger it would lead to a fight, now that I am a bit wiser, I look within and figure what actually is hurting me. It’s mostly my own ego, I guess!

  4. In our marriage, we give much freedom to each other! Jealousy can be seen in two ways… for those who don’t trust their spouses, it is definitely a sign of insecurity! I don’t feel it is a sign of love, more like possessiveness.

  5. I do feel extremely jealous of my husband, but not about other women. I am envious about the freedom and opportunities that he enjoys simply because he is a man. Whenever, I have to go somewhere, I have to make a hundred arrangements before I leave while he is just able to walk in and out of the house whenever he pleases. I guess I am jealous of his freedom.

  6. I see it as more a sign of insecurity. I don't think I get very jealous. I know my husband loves me and if he ever were to feel different, I trust him to tell me. And I hope he feels the same. *p*

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