Do you listen to your spouse attentively?

You have something important to share with your partner. Do you feel that you have his/her complete attention? If not, how do you react? What if being ignored becomes a pattern?

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Barnali Roy
June 7, 2017


  1. Hahahahaha….do the spouse every listen to each other attentively? *p*

  2. Good suggestion! Your attention is immediately caught after hearing this phrase or it's Hindi equivalent. But over time even this expression loses value and elicits a distracted reaction like hmmm or huh?*p*

  3. Yes the underlying factor may be taking each other for granted. This usually happens with couples over a period of time. But the need to be heard is intrinsic to everyone, isn't it?*p*

  4. Need for accompaniment and to be heard is common to all. When this need gets satisfied by virtue of the occupation, the individual might not be very keen in conversation, back home. So some spouses become less communicative.*p*

  5. This is because of the most common problem between the married couple, which I term as 'over-exposure to each other' and partly because of 'i know it all attitude'.*p**p* *p*

  6. This happens in many a married couples. If you do not take it as a serious matter just because it happens because the other person's mind is elsewhere, may I suggest a very common practice? Always start a sentence with "Ago shuncho?"*p*

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