Do you really believe that arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages?

It is believed that arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages. But why? 

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Leena Jha
July 13, 2017


  1. There is no standard formula for a marriage or indeed for life itself. As far as marriage is concerned, one needs to understand each other and always seek to love and be loved, whatever the 'type' of marriage may be.*p*

  2. Anything can be successful if you actually love your partner. And it doesn't actually take time to fall in love with a person. It can happen naturally with a friend or with the partner whom your parents chose to be correct for you. It can be more organic when it comes to a love marriage where you actually know a person very well before planning to spend the whole life with them whereas when it comes to an arranged marriage first you make a promise to spend the rest life together and in the due course you fall in love with them. *p*

  3. i think i agree. where love marriage mostly work on the primary consent of both partners, arrange marriage works on the consent of both the communities associated with them. it comes with a moral and social obligation that states that they have to work this marriage up to its desired end. *p**p*whereas in love marriage the obligations are a little subdued if not totally abolished and so its easy to walk out of a love marriage rather than n arranged one.*p*

  4. I don't think arrange marriages are more successful. But of course arrange marriage puts a social pressure on the couple and their families to maintain it's vitality and public status. For love marriages, family blames the couple only in case of any conflict. This is different in case of arrange marriage as it gets arrange with everyone's concent. *p**p*However, it doesn't matter whether a marriage is love or arrange, success depends upon the understanding between two poeple committed for that relationship.*p**p* *p*

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