Do you think a shared interest is must for a real relationship?

My daughter doesn’t keep well and my husband was posted in another city for a long time. Now he is back but with all these issues we didn’t how to have some “us” time. Then with my insistence he started watching TV shows with me. It is almost one year and both of us anticipate the evening time when we can have dinner with our latest fixation on laptop.

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Jeeta Mohanty
June 7, 2017


  1. Not sharing some activities is good for keeping the mystery in the relationship I am guessing

  2. Not all relationships may find shared interests. I find shared values are more crucial. And compromise of course. I am very fond of Konkona Sen Sharma and watch her movies with my husband, and he makes me watch Salman movies. You can see the lack of 'shared interest' here. Or maybe the shared interest is our desire to spend time together. *p*

  3. Come out of your comfort zone to get something that you aspire for, try to do something that your husband loves but you are not comfortable with, initially that may disappoint you but slowly will work when your husband will do the same for you. This will avail you time to share your feelings.

  4. There was a point when I realised that we both would be at home together, but totally engrossed in our laptops doing our respective things. Though we get along well, there was little that we did just as a couple – dinners, outings, everything was only as a family. Then we started going on walks together. Though sometimes I am unable to join him, it is something we look forward to, and that togetherness spills over to other aspects too. At least one shared interest is a must.*p*

  5. Some shared interests for sure! We enjoy watching crime shows together, playing poker. It is fun. But in majority of things we do not share the same interests…which I think works better.

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