Does having a pet impacted your relationship with your partner?

Has your pet bound you to a schedule and made you realize the lack of quality time you wished to spend with your partner or has it brought your relationship to a new level where you collectively care for a living being and learn the art of selfless giving?

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Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
June 7, 2017


  1. A pet is a joint project. Its a labour of love. Your  pet will give you much more than you can ever do for him. *p*

  2. i think getting a pet is like having a baby. it requires energy, time and effort. and if you are getting a pet then somewhere along the line you will have to schedule your life around it. yes, it takes away your quality time but takes you to another level of your relationship where you gert out of your honeymoon phase and get into responsibility phase. and yes if you collectively care about a lving being then it is bound to make your relationship stronger.*p*

  3. My pet was something all together. The whole day I would look after him feed him etc but the moment my husband came back he would be all over him slobber him with kisses and ignore me. But yes he made our lives happier and  committed*p*

  4. Yes. It strengthened our relationship because there is always something to talk about in common.. our relationship with our cat Kittu. We also lost our Kittu to dogbite and suffered the depressive phase together. A pet made us more responsible, and to view our home in more than one special way – as memories are everywhere. Small adjustments in our routine, and the expenses, and the work that comes with taking care of our pet was OK to manage – and in fact, was more gratuitous to do. The pet gave us so much fulfilment, and the time spent with it, and in taking care of it never amounts to waste, and it is in fact, the most high 'quality' time we have had together.*p*

  5. I can totally connect to whatever you are telling here as we together brought a puppy but she couldn't survive much. But the days we had here were one of the most memorable ones together as we had a lot to talk about, to do together and be involved in future planning with our pet being the center point of everything. *p**p* *p**p*Thank you for inputs. *p*

  6. My pet de-stresses me and hence helps with my partner. A little less frustation…. *p*

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