Does having no expectations helps in keeping the relationship healthy?

I am in a long distance relationship since 4 months. We were friends since 6 years and this sudden change has generated some expectations. These expectations are creating certain conflicts between us. What can be done to keep the relationship healthy? 

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Anshulika Bansal
July 13, 2017


  1. Perhaps it is difficult to have a relationship without expectations. Instead let your partner know what you expect from them and ask them what they expect from you. Then we can better understand each other*p*

  2. We were long distance friends since 6 years. And now we are in a long distance relationship. We never used to meet that readily. He is in town only on the festivals like diwali or holi and in that duration he makes sure to meet me. This is continued since 6 years. *p**p*Giving gifts and all is not a good idea. On birthdays or anniversaries it is acceptable but time to time, I think it will be over board cuz he has to manage his expenses and he has to support his family as well. If I suggest this thing to him, he won't say but it will be a burden on him. *p**p*Thank you for your time and valuable advice.*p*

  3. Relations are based on expectations. Every relationship works on a 'give and take' model. You really cannot expect to not expect anything from your partner and vice versa. *p**p* *p**p*The trick is to keep the expectations grounded in reality, and keep reminding both the parties that its okay to be a little selfish at times.*p*

  4. First, you need to accept the fact that things will not be like before. You used to see each other all the time before this and now those expectations may well harm the relationship. You two should keep the fire alive by planning to meet up whenever you get time or by surprising each other with gifts from time to time. It will not be easy, but if the foundation is strong, you two will see it through.*p*

  5. That's how any relationship evolves. So it's pretty normal whatever you're going through. And the only thing you can do is not let the selfish expectations dictate terms in your relationship. Just try to be reasonable and rational. That's how you deal with the conflicts. *p*

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