Does Hormonal changes in middle-aged women effect their personal relationships?

Middle-aged women fight a lot with their changing hormonal imbalances basically’ menopause” . During this period they are confined to themselves and anxiety and mental depressions are pumped up which results in self-consciousness. Does these hormonal plays really mishap the normal personal life of these women?

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Joyeeta Talukdar
June 7, 2017


  1. Very true . but when depression along with anxiety engulfs in then even in super busy life one find loneliness… So The support of ones family or ones loved ones is required to cope up during this period.

  2. Thankz Archana for the response. Hormonal changes are just so unavoidable in every women’s life…But then to learn to cope up with it is a triumph in itself. Even the support of the family members is most required during this massive mood shift periods.

  3. I have heard about hot flushes! Some women commented that their hubbys’ say that their thermostat has gone wrong. Some never want tog get intimate. And then yes moody and cranky! But then I have also seen extremely busy women who tide through this without facing the entire brunt. So I wonder does it play up because we have time and energy for its antics?

  4. Recently got to read a book by one of my friend Shubha Menon titled, Second Coming in which she tells story about a fortyish female who is taken aback when gynecologist tells her that she is heading towards menopause. She is gripped with a sense of insecurity, fear as to what will happen now and how could it happen to her. She from mind wasn’t willing to make a transit from carnal to spiritual as it is termed these days. She admonishes doctor’s talk accepts an outstation assignment and makes the best of it.

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