Does live-in take away from the beauty and fun of marriage?

I just wanted to know what do people out here think about live-ins. I have always wondered what it would be like to live with my boyfriend. I mean, to live like a married couple, without getting married. Do you think it takes away from the beauty and fun that marriage brings? Marriage allows you the time and space to discover each other and live-in can perhaps dull that effect? Views, please.

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June 7, 2017


  1. Not really. Living in can be the stepping stone to getting married in the long run. Living in with your partner actually helps you understand, feel and explore him/her in the best possible way and gives you the option to opt out if things do not go well unlike marriage which is more of a legal bond. So I feel Living in with your partner does not take away the fun and frolic that we aspire in a marriage but gives you a chance to know and understand each other before taking the decision of marriage.

  2. Yes.. Personally, I would prefer living in just because it gets you ready for the bigger responsibilities you need to take in the long run and it is nothing short of fun and excitement.

  3. In my point of view, if there’s no sense of commitment, you wouldn’t be a live-in relationship, but simply be roommates. The beauty of a live-in relationship is not in the freedom it grants to walk away, but in the connection that defines them as a couple, in the magic that makes two people want to live together as a couple, without legal or societal compulsion.

  4. Apart from the legal aspects, how is a live-in different from a marriage? (Since you mentioned beauty and fun, I assuming ‘love-marriage’).

  5. If it’s a decision on wanting a baby at that time or not, the justification does not depend on whether you’re married or living in. On the other hand if it’s the need to be married before having a baby – that is the societal/ legal need, not yours isn’t it? That’s why I said apart from the legal or societal aspects, there’s no difference.

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