Does marriage spell the end of romance?

Does being married mean that you can’t be romantic with each other? Does being married make it difficult to be romantic with each other?

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Team Bonobology
June 7, 2017


  1. Read somewhere that economic intimacy (sharing of finances because of household) and emotional intimacy between a couple grows but romance and the desire for sex (with the same partner) decreases!

  2. If romance doesn’t come easy for you, just remember, it’s the thought that counts, and trust me, it’s worth every effort and every moment you invest in strengthening your marriage! Not only does your spouse benefit, but your entire family as well. I believe that loving your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your children.

  3. Not necessarily. For some, it may be the beginning. It depends on how maturely you treat your marriage. The days of loving and longing for your loved one has surely got over with the college. But, marriage gives way to a new kind of romance… of managing household together, managing expenses together, cooking for the partner… there’s romance in every thing, it depends on the outlook.

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