Does partying among friends or strangers, help improving the relationship for a couple or can add` elements that can be hazardous ?

Meeting people, friends; old flames or complete strangers before the party; is sure an exciting expereince. The democratic and equality platform a good party offers, is liked by all. Add to it the informality; the booze; the informal atmosphere and the unrestrained conversations and you have a recipe ready for, if not a new relationship, at least strong liking for someone you met. What according to you are the two sides of partying ?

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Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi
December 30, 2017


Swati Goswami
Swati Goswami March 30, 2018 - 12:27 pm

I believe it depends on the kind of individuals they are separately and together as a couple. People who like to socialize are more likely to enjoy this scenario. Meeting new people and having new conversations adds a zing to the couple’s relationship as well. I like to socialize but my work keeps me a little isolated (writing), so I always look forward to going out. It’s a mood booster for me. I love meeting strangers who are easy to talk to and have experiences to share. Not to mention a little healthy flirting occasionally makes it even more exciting. Inherently, we are social beings. I see it more as a help than a disaster.

Simona Terron
Simona Terron February 7, 2018 - 11:58 pm

There’s no such black and white scenario. While going out and socializing with people outside of your partner’s circle is healthy, it is not without its hazards. But then if two people love and trust each other, and live by their promise of being completely honest with each other, this should not be a problem. Attractions may or may not occur. It is acting upon them that raises the issues that follow.
And sometimes, when problems arise they can actually help to become aware of unresolved or even unidentified issues. After which, the couple can choose to address and fix them, or accept them and split up.

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