Does Public display of intimacy make you uncomfortable?

I’ve seen most of the Indians having issues with PDA or Public Display of Affection or intimacy, do you have an issue? If so why?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Personally I don’t have a problem. Different cultures may have different standards to define PDA. But in an ideal society it should not be a problem because there will be homogeneity of upbringing. But we live in a multicultural society, so there has to be some standard for acceptability but it should not be guided by religious or any concern that imposes on the rightful freedom of anybody.

  2. I wonder why does display of affection is seen limited to physical intimacy. I would be very keen on displaying my affection to my lover in public that will bring more confidence and power to our relationship. Couple love and affection has several forms of displays that may vary in different cultures and contexts. One can choose to display affection by calling each other with sweet names, stroking at the back, holding hand and even giving a peck on cheeks. However, I would surely abhor public display of my foreplays or any touch that would lead to sexual arousal.  

  3. Yes it does, it always has made both of us uncomfortable. Married for 10 years now, known as a very romantic couple yet dont remember if we ever touched each others hands in public or got a pic clicked where we both would stand very close to each other. My 2 cents here – it’s totally one’s own decision on how he/she displays her intimacy. Only thing I know is, if there is love it gets displayed automatically, without putting any extra effort towards it ..

  4. My question is suppose another couple is displaying PDA would you have an issue? If yes, why?

  5. well for starters long while ago holding hands was a sort of PDA, and elders were put off due to that! So have we evolved over the proximity?

  6. HaHa Making out is way too much I guess, my aunts pass comments when a couple holds hand too… & in the garden is ‘get a room’ scenario 🙂

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