Does romance get heightened during winters?

Everyone loves to cuddle up when it’s cold right? Do you miss someone more in winters? Are you more open to romantic conversations in this weather? Does garam chai and snuggling up under a quilt make you smile? Let’s talk

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June 7, 2017


  1. Off course winter is the time to come closer and to get the heat of love .Holding the one you love in your arms is mystic and the breath you take together makes you feel that you are in the real world of romance .

  2. I think, the monsoon is best to time revive the love and romance. Its the perfect weather for rekindling the intimacy lost in the sweltering heat of the June. Winters come with the heat of lust and passion. *p*if you are talking about garam chai and conversations under the quilt, i believe you mean a Christmas holiday.

  3. *p**p**p**p**p*Absolutely! Winters provide the perfect setting for romance. Monsoon is great too but our cities kill every joy of rains with flooding and filth. And summers? …. Err too sweaty and smelly for even a romantic thought to occur.

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