Early marriage

We hear often of late marriages being on the rise and how it is tougher to adjust as one gets older. But what about earlier marriage? What problems come with tying the knot when you are in your late teens or early twenties?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Well there are pros and cons in everything I feel. But early marriage say in early 20's makes u have a better understanding with your life partner.  I get to know each other more. U both are young enough to compromise and adjusts to a lot of things. *p**p*Problems arise when in laws create issues and don't let the girl work and become independent.  *p**p*In laws I feel play role mainly in hampering a ladies career most of the time so before getting married it's better to clear doubts 🙂 *p*

  2. I agree. One definitely misses out on Knowing life's lessons right at the beginning and saving the trouble*p*

  3. That's true. An early marriage in the beginning of one's career is being on two rocky boats at the same time!*p*

  4. lack of maturity that leads to a lack of understanding the challenging situations in life. we are naive as youngsters and do not hold the experience to act wisely. we end up doing kiddish things which might affect the seriousness of a matrimony. we think differently, we act differently. we are not mature enough  to analyse an assess situations that require a maturity that come only with a certain age. and we fall prey to people and situations that take us on a ride!!*p*

  5. One thing that takes a backseat is the career. Although the undertanding level and compatibility is richer in couples who married at an early stage, one of them, in most cases, the girl has to compromise her career. I think the maturity level of couples marrying early is another problem. They are pushed into the world of responsibilities without much experience and that can become a hindrance at times.*p*

  6. Your career. When you're in a budding stage then the responsibilities which come with the marriage sometimes tie you down. If you want to move ahead and become successful enough then according to me you should marry a little late. Post 26-27 at least. By that time you know which career you want for yourself and you're confirmed about your choices. *p*

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