Easy vs Amazing

Do you find that if a person is easy they are not amazing and once they are amazing they are not easy. If you give up pursuit then you are not worth them. First you fob them off when they were easy then they are hard to catch in their amazing avataar. Any real life cases that can be shared centered in this gorgeous metamorphosis. Your comments please.

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Himani Pande
June 7, 2017


  1. Existance can be divided in three aspects, body, mind and spirit. Where are you?*p**p*Between easy and amazed, even the meanings of these words are so shallow. Your life has no metamorphosis, it is more like being struck on a sea shore between the waves.*p*

  2. Himani,*p**p*Absolutely no offence was intended or stated. My observations were on the words and not on the person.*p**p*In any case you have felt otherwise, accept my regret.*p*

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