Effects of affairs in marriage can be adverse. Why do people risk it?

Effects of affairs in marriage can be adverse. Why do people risk it?

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Hema K
June 7, 2017


  1. Because it just happens even after you're completely aware of the aftermath. Nobody risks their marriage but knowingly do what they shouldn't be doing. And, the effects are always adverse but people tend to exploit the trust their spouse have on them in the mysterious ways. Men can't control when a woman would try to allure them into something which they are devoid of and women also end up giving up when they find someone with better financial stability if her marriage is going through ruins. *p**p*It just happens.*p*

  2. Dear Hema k the most adverse effect of an affair  in a marriage can be thodi chuppi thodi rusviye ,isse jyada kya maybe thode thappar .Its not like chest pe goli lagi hai ,speaking of chests the bigger the better.Pappu ke papa kehte hai dosro ki biwi or apne bacche payre lagte hai shayd isliye.But stolen kisses are always sweeter and everyone wants to break the commandent thou shall not covet .Affairs ka maza hi kutch aur hai.EK  khatam hua and then a three month period of guilt and even more guilt if caught and then after promising god that you will never do it again one is on the prowl.*p*

  3. Because it is like a fresh breeze. Makes people fall in love with life again. Makes the song meaningfull..no one actively looks for an affair. It happens! I think the thing to take care is that the partner is not hurt by it. So learn to keep it guarded. *p*

  4. a) Because extra-marital affair comes along with the excitement of "risk". *p*b) Because like in case of food, people sometimes yearn for an occasional change.*p**p*Given the above, the real question is, "Why are extra-marital not more common than it is is in society?" The answers:-*p**p*a) Even in case of extra-marital affairs, mutual consent is important. And THIS happens only rarely!*p*b) Even when there is mutual consent, it is difficult for the parties to convey this to each other — given that a spurned advance is hurtful.*p*c) Lack of opportuniy to indulge with a fair chance of getting away with it.*p*d) A few people may be ethically opposed to extra-marital affairs; and some may even lack the inclination or desire for this!*p**p*How many of us can honestly say, "I have never fanatasised of sex outside marriage?"*p*

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