Effects of parenting style on the health of a marriage

When children are growing up, they face many restrictions at home. Some parents criticize everything about their children and monitor them too closely, almost a helicopter hovering parenting. Other parents have a casual attitude and let the children be.

Does the parenting style have a bearing on how the children handle their marriage once they grow up?

Is moderation the best path that parents can take?

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Ranjana Kamo
October 3, 2017


  1. Sinjan and Shobha, agree with your viewpoints. Going overboard makes things worse for everyone and parents do not realize that they are doing more harm than good by being over protective towards their children.

  2. Absolutely. parents should always keep a close watch on their kids and guide them the best way possible. But too much control suffocates the growth of the child. After a certain age, parents should know to trust their child.

    Children brought up with excessive protocols and rules might either end up being replicas of their parents or complete rebels when it comes to being parents themselves. The right amount of control and in right places should be exercised.

  3. Yes. I strongly feel that how one grows up has a lot to do with how one becomes. Like they say, “Charity begins at home.”
    therefore, it is true that one who has been let loose too much too early has a different mindset towards life than another who hasn’t been allowed to go to school on his own till the 10th standard. One who has been forced to being monitored closely since childhood is more likely to also become a hovering spouse giving no privacy or freedom to his/her partner. Vice versa for the other case.

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