Emotional gap with my boyfriend

There seems to be an emotional gap between my boyfriend and I. We used to be an extraordinary couple some time back but now all we do is argue and taunt each other. This is taking a toll on the balance of our over all relationship. I don’t know how to bridge this gap between us. It only seems to be growing with time. Am I doing something wrong?

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June 7, 2017


  1. This tends to happen as the time passes. Ensure that you spend some quality time with each other, engage in conversations and also do new things together. it will help you two to discover new things about each other.

  2. With time, the quality of the relationship either improves or degrades; check which way your relationship is going. To achieve the former, spend quality time and talk to each other.

  3. You guys should sit,talk and sort out. Sometimes relationships may become suffocating for one partner but instead of backing off, one must delve into the root cause of it and fix it. He might be in a phase where he is bored. Go out, travel to the places you have already been with each other and relive the memories together. I am sure the balance will be restored.

  4. You just need to clear out your differences and spend some quality time together. I think that’d bring the solution. Don’t waste time or expect that he shall speak. Don’t let your ego to take control over your relationship. If you actually love him then show it.

  5. Yes, Rachel. I agree. I have urged him to book a holiday for us over the next weekend. I am now looking forward to happier times! Thank you for your message..

  6. The new mantra to salvage my relationship will be, “Talk it out!” Thanks, Seher!

  7. I love him dearly, and do not want to lose out on him, due to something as trivial as time and boredom issues. But yes, all I have been really doing is moping over the issues between us, rather than bringing a solution to it all. I will do something about it soon..thanks!

  8. Hmm..yeah. You are right. We really need some alone time…maybe a vacation like you have suggested. That will make things better..thankyou!

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