Ethics in purely carnal pursuits?

This one is for sinners (active and those basking in glories of past)!"Choron ke hi toh usool hote hain (It's the thieves who go by principles!" – The legendary Pran in a Bollywood drama.Do you have rules/principles that you go by, when you are pursuing a prely carnal / no strings attacheed relationship?I made two rules for myself:1. Never pursue a girl who is on a rebound2. Never mix work with pleasure (keeping office folks – out of scope)I did break Rule 2 for someone totally worth it (Anyways!)What states your rule book?

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Kritagya Daarshanik
July 13, 2017


  1. And a correction 🙂 *p**p*I don't totally agree – "Sex is really overrated" – Well not an absolute truth.*p**p*Best,*p**p*Haywire Chronology*p*

  2. Hi Aman,*p**p*You have hit the nail. I totally agree (though I realize my "basking in glory" coment having been used lightly justifies an opinion to the contrary) – and there is a related aspect I'd like to explore.*p**p*Just like it's not logical to project sexual experiences as your trophies, so is regretting / repenting  / feeling guilty over them.unfair.*p**p*I know you probably didnt mean that either – but your comment did help me find this nuance worthy of discussion.*p**p*Just because someone has been involved in purely lustful relationship once (or sevaral times), I do not think one has to live in guilt (I'd rather have them learn any lessons, if at all, and move on). Also, no one gets a right to judge them.*p**p*Again, as there are many tangents to a purely sexual relationship – and many readers have rather casually mentioned "No rules" – I'd like to highlight that they probably assumed the basics as given (No damaging reputation, no use of force, no stalking, no going against the law etc.)*p*

  3. Basics are welcome :)*p**p*It is important and pertinent. A purely carnal relationship may be devoid of an emotional connect but any relation should not be devoid of sensitivity towards a human being, their reutation and feelings!*p**p*Best,*p**p*Haywire Chronology*p*

  4. A much needed stroke of Humor here – Thanks Christina!*p**p*In defense of "man"kind:*p**p*I read somewhere that women find bald men sexy :)*p**p*I would have laughed that off – but some of the sexiest men I know of  have quite a bit of receding hairline!*p**p*Also, for the well built guys, don't judge the content by the wrapper!*p**p*And, in defense of those with glasses on – make sure you don't outrule the ones who are shortsighted (I asusme if you get close enough – these guys have no problem noticing!) *p**p* *p**p*Best,*p**p*Haywire Chronology*p*

  5.  I think that is the most basic rules. So basic that its not even worth mentioning, well unless you are in high school.*p*

  6. For your Rule 3: What if the poor chap is not able to see anything? Be a little considerate.*p**p* *p**p*Also, there are a lot of men who LOVE curves. What if such men want to see every indentation and bend of your body ? It will be unfair to them. *p*

  7. Well, think of a framework – just to avoid a mess later if not for satisfying a conscience.*p**p*All the best!*p*

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