Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between expectations and reality for others like me looking to start dating. Is there any way this can be remedied? I find many young boys looking for role models and something to show what they can expect in the gay dating world.

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June 7, 2017


  1. Well there is still considerable stigma in our society. People are not accepting, feel that homosexuality is unnatural, and are afraid that any mainstream portrayal of gay relationships is heresy. I think it is upon visible figures in the media and society to take a stand and stand up for who they are and what they believe. Perhaps one day things will change. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court defered the decision of wether homosecuality is criminal to the parliament. The parliament must decide on a vote to decriminalize homosexuality. If that can be done there is a room for much improvement in public perception, visiblity, and acceptance. *p*

  2. Ita not crime to be out of the stereotypical box.just think put of the box when u search for solution to such cases. Conventional dating doesn't always culminate in satisfaction.*p*