Explaining lgbtq to children

What is the best way to explain lgbtq rights to children? I don’t have any lgbtq friends unfortunately but I want to children to grow up understanding them and treating them with equality. Any suggestions?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Instead of focusing on making it something you need to tell them, just be aware of things that they may see in the media. Perhaps a news story, an article, or a movie. You can just simply explain to them that two women or two men can fall in love with each other. Even though we look different on the outside our hearts look the same, and that's why people fall in love with each other. Don't stress yourself about it! Let kids be kids, and you will know when the time is right to tell them. *p*

  2. In an ideal world, yes. But in reality children meet all kinds of people and ideas and it’s important to bring there issues up

  3. I am of course respectful towards the community. But not everyone my child meets or sees may be. Leading by example is important, but not always enough.

  4. You can just teach your children to love everyone. Don’t give them a category of people whom they’ll love more or a category whom they’ll love lesser. Treat everyone with humility and love. I amsure they won’t find a difference between a straight and a homosexual after that. For them they’ll just be any normal humans which they are.

  5. Yeah in that case you need to educate your child but the bottom line is how you deal with them. Just teach him to respect every one around and see how it pans out. If he is educated and grounded with your beliefs and thoughts, I think he/she will get on with them irrespective of what others say or feel.*p*

  6. A child reproduces what their parents practice. You need not spoon feed your child regarding its awareness but you need to make sure that whenever the topic pops up you show respect and admiration for the concerned. So, you can be certain that your children will be respectful towards the community if you are respectful for the same.*p*

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