Extra marital sex

Is sex outside an unfulfilled marriage, and that too once, a crime? This is not about repeated transgression, if at all, but an experience in womanhood and fulfilment.

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Utkarsh Patel
June 7, 2017


  1. Tina, I would say it is not immoral if done with the consent of the other partner in the relationship otherwise shatters the most important pillar in any relationship – trust. Every individual expects their partner to be loyal as that is directly related to the love and bond a couple shares.*p**p* *p**p*If with "A crime is when there is no consent!" you meant consensual polyamory I second your opinion.*p*

  2. Being unfaithful is not a 'crime' as such but a moral crime so while talking about morality a single incident is enough to leak all the trust out. A murderer is a murderer if they have killed one or ten.*p**p*Desires can be fulfilled without extra-marital sex and if there is this feeling of unfulfillment should be searching for a long-term solution a one-time hookup will only spark the desires further. *p*

  3. lol….*p**p*we all find ways to justify our actions ..dont we ?  And that is where grey shades start appearing in relationships making it complicated..*p**p*however since Shakespear wrote about those shades and we see them rampant nowadays ,  they are here to stay..*p**p*in such situations only you can be the best judge weighing millions pros and cons ..*p**p*so find the answer at a deeper level of your conscienceness  and live with it peacefully..*p**p* *p**p* *p*

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