Fallen out of love, how do I dump him?

Fallen out of love, how do I dump him? He is sweer and sensitive but I just do not feel the spark anymore! What do I do?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Make sure he doesn't have borderline personality disorder first.*p**p*Give him signs that you aren't interested in him anymore and then slowly slide away from him. *p**p*If you're sure you don't want him at all, then do what's best for you!*p**p*Make sure you don't go harsh on him. 🙂 *p**p* *p*

  2. Talk to him. Just not let the things be how it is. Because it won't work for both of you if you don't talk and clear things out. Maybe he takes things seriously after your conversation and you fall back into love again. Whatever is the case, a conversation is all you need with your partner to sort thing out. Tell him how you feel about how things and how things were. And things will get sorted. Good luck!*p*

  3. It's best you let him know….however cruel it may seem now it will be easier for him vis-a-vis the future. Also please do remember that you do not keep him for back-up! *p*

  4. Be prepared to break his heart. But be really sure that it's because you're not in love anymore and not because the relationship has lost its spark for a while. Maybe take a short break see how you feel without him around. I'd advise against hasty decisions. And do keep him involved in all this. *p*

  5. Thats Great! If you have already decided to dump him because you fall out of love then why are you asking procedures online to dump him?*p**p*In the world of FB and Tinder people fall out of love much easy to hook for new one. Again when you will fall out of love dump him and hunt for new guy. Life isnt about fall in and out of love. Life is to live with dignity, self respect and honoring others emotions.*p**p*Remember, Karma is bitch. You have to reap what you are sowing. Explore what is missing in him as a partner. Sit and talk honestly with him, open your mind and heart and resolve issues. If still there are hickups, talk to him and tell him that you have no emotions left for him and say a graceful adieu. Never be rude, abusive, arrogant and impulsive while breaking ties. Broken bridges will never give the path to cross the rivers again. Act wisely.*p*

  6. @ Hema = I am not judging you. I am saying you are churning vicious circle. You dump him, may get a new love, again he may find spark lost, dump you and so on.*p**p*Its your life, your decisions. Please go ahead and be a part of fall in and fall out. relax and have fun!*p*

  7. Whoa! Bhupinder, Please calm down. I have not decided to "dump" him because I have met someone else. its just that I do not feel the special spark between us anymore. *p**p* *p**p*"Again when you will fall out of love dump him and hunt for new guy. " This was harsh. *p**p*I do not deny the fact that I may find someone else later in life. But how does that make me a frivolous lover!?*p*

  8. Sparks can leave a relationship easily. and u too might be at the receiving end of them in your future relationship. what matters is understanding, how much the guy loves you and how much he cares for you. trust me on that!! in the long run, this will only matter. imagine yourself being with a person you have great chemistry with, the sparks are great but there is no trust, he is conservative, dominating etc etc. work on the spark and try before you give up!!!*p*

  9. I KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT. I MUST BE HONEST. I hope to find the strength sooner. "do not keep him for back-up! " – Noted :)*p*