Mother-in-laws are easily given the scary image. But aren’t father-in-laws a terror too? Oh, wait. Why do they always have to be scary beings for the bride-to-be?

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September 14, 2017


  1. Well usually, when home front is concerned, the mother in law is the boss. When the bride comes in, she is taking up a space in that region where the mother in law rules. So after some time, conflicts arise in small things around the house. The men in the house are usually less bothered where the salt container will be kept 🙂

  2. Father in Laws mostly treat brides as their daughters.

  3. FILs are far more understanding and friendly with my personal experience and people around me.

  4. Where the MIL is scary, the FIL is most likely to be docile and friendly but there are exceptions to everything.

  5. No no… mostly FILs are known to be lovely and friendly with the brides. It is only the MIL who is the real Monster-in-law :/