Finance and marriage

How to ask the woman to contribute to the household expenses? Seems to be the man’s job traditionally but I don’t think it is fair.

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Divyansh Tripathi
August 19, 2017


  1. Nowadays, there are a growing number of wives who make as much as their husbands. This has had a huge impact on every aspect of marriage.
    Traditionally we have always treated the woman’s income as pocket money. Now, men want to add the womens earnings to the total family income. This is a huge cultural change.
    Men feel resentful that they are expected to share domestic chores but then the woman should be more involved in financial decisions too.
    There should be joint decisions taken on finances. Keep the familys interests in mind and dont try to score off one another.
    Play to your strengths. Maybe one is good with numbers. Maybe one has a more broad and longterm outlook. Keep ego out and focus on your combined goals.
    If household chores are too stressful just hire more help and think that the money is well spent freeing you for important work.
    Be honest with each other about where the money is going.
    If there are too many quarrels get help from someone you both respect.

  2. It is best to clear financial talk early on in the relationship to avoid arguments later. Maybe have a monthly corpus of expenditure where each contributes how much they can and then you spend from there. After all, marriage is also about sharing financial responsibility, if both can

  3. This decision has to be taken by women on their own. They need to have that sense of independence inculcated in them. Also, husband’s should also encourage. In the end, contribution of two is always greater than one. Plus, it will always give a boost to a woman’s self reliance.

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