I never experienced that ‘love at first sight’ moment, but I am sure it must be thrilling. So, ladies, how was that moment for you and how far did you go to get your ‘man’?

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Debolina Coomar
September 20, 2017


  1. Never love at first sight maybe lust at first sight. Once love comes in then lust flies out of the window. Sigh!!!

  2. I sent hand-written love letters to many of my crushes :p However, my love at first sight was and has been Shane WArne…. Lucky to have met him in person later in life <3

  3. I agree. For me, it was a crush at first sight. I went to the extent of stalking him during recess at school, preparing handmade cards only for me, catching him during any outdoor games…. and simply drooling over his charming boyish smile.

  4. I think crush at first sight is a better saying 🙂 and that has happened to me many times!

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