Forced into arranged marriage

I have a few friends who are getting married simply because of parental pressure. They do not seem happy doing it but feel there is no way out and they don't want to disappoint their families. Are such marriages successful? Any forced arranged marriage stories of a happily ever after?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Marriage being successful is a result of constant work in making it successful. It takes a lot of compassion, understanding, compromises and support for a loving and healthy marriage. However, a forced marriage or just because of pressure is not a good start and even if the people involved have good compatibility, such a start will always hamper their relationship.*p*

  2. I have seen many happy arranged marriage stories. But when it comes to forced arranged marriages, the success stories are really less. When you are not in love and you are forced to marry someone you do not know properly, problems would surely follow. *p*

  3. No instances that I am aware of but in my opinion, it would take a lot of effort to reconcile to the fact and adjust in such a marriage. If the heart is not there, it would not be happy. It would depend on how the partner is and whether together they can build a home where the foundation is of unwillingness. It is unfair to be in a forced relationship.*p*

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