Forgiving a cheating partner and moving on together, does it truly work?

Extra marital affairs, one night stands are all common place now. When a cheating partner repents, asks for forgiveness, should the spouse blindly forgive and move on for the sake of family?

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Akshata Ram
July 13, 2017


  1. It totally depends on the circumstances. You really can't take anyone else's advice who is not going through all that shit which you've gone through then it really doesn't matter. We should think it ourselves and try to see through the person and whether his apologies really make any sense and whether it's genuine. And take a decision in the favor of happiness. *p*

  2. You have to forgive the cheating partner for your own peace of mind. Forgiveness will help you let go your anger and hurt and let you move on ahead with your own life. *p**p*Whether you stay married or not depends on how valuable the relationship is for both of you. *p**p*Is the cheating spouse still in touch with the other person *p**p*Are there children whose lives get affected. *p**p*Is the cheating partner willing to really work hard to salvage the relationship. *p**p*Is this just another in a  long string of affairs. *p*

  3. I think with certain terms and condition, one can move on. We are human, mistakes can happen. For sure, the person who got cheated will take time to heal the soreness of heart. So, the other half should be ready for that. He/she should be ready for offensive talks, abrupt behave and hatred. But with continuous efforts, the faith in relationship can be built again. *p**p*If one realizes the mistake and really wants forgiveness, I feel, the the other half should forgive him/her. Not blindly but with the commitment to close the chaper for ever. *p**p* *p*

  4. That depends I'd say on what that forgiveness entails. Have they truly forgiven or are they only doing it to keep the family intact? True forgiveness is difficult as trust has been so damaged. If they feel that they now doubt the partner about everything, then the relationship is doomed for unhappiness and even the children will be able to sense the unhapppy marriage. In my opinion, a single happy parent is better than two unhappy ones.*p*

  5. Don't know about others,  but I cannot forgive. I am willing to give chances for lack of other negatives but certainly never for cheating. Can you expect the thread to remain strong after breaking it into pieces & tying it again? *p**p*Family needs to understand our feelings too. *p*

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