Frequency or Finesse in Sex

At times I wonder what constitutes a healthy sex life. I do not want to restrict the definition to how a doc puts it. The discussion thread should elicit diverse views on the subject. Do men enjoy it more if they work hard to satisfy the partner? Or they want to follow their own pace and frequency without worrying about dexterity or astuteness in love-making. Do men look for a compliment every time to boost sagging morale/esteem that goes down after coitus session? Do they want to get back in form and fire again to prove a stud? Or do they remain slow and steady lovers who match the pace of the partner instead? 

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Devraj Kalsi
June 7, 2017


  1. Yeah, men like compliments in bed but those compliments are mostly fake. Just the way guys compliment women by saying you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen while wooing them. Tune into the Frequency Modulation Channel! And top it with an M.A. Degree in the ART of LOVEMAKING from the UNIVERSITY OF PASSION. *p*

  2. Difficult to generalise. Men do like compliments in bed but so would a woman I guess. Perhaps a bit of both frequency and finesse. Especially with short term partners it is difficult to get the finesse right from the start as it takes time to know what the other person likes or doesn't like. *p*

  3. So here's my take! Sex can be categorized in long and passionate, quickies and the ones who are actually in between! I think we basiacally use a comobination of all three. the thing is once u have done it enough times with a partner the passion just does not come uunless some uncertainaity is haning…like I have felt jealous about someone reg her or she has become jealosu of someone i have been looking at! *p*

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