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My friend is about to tie the knot. Recently however I saw her boyfriend with another girl, in what seemed like a date. I am very confused if I should confront him or tell her. What if it’s just a misunderstanding and sows the seeds of doubt in a perfectly good relationship? Or what if I say nothing, and my friend ends up marrying an unfaithful man? Has anyone faced something similar? Time is running out as their wedding is in November.

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June 7, 2017


  1. That’s true. I just also don’t want to be guilty of ruining the start of a relationship. The seeds of doubt, once sown, are tough to undo

  2. Trying to do that. But I don’t know the guy very well. And my friend will probably get to know that I am digging around as anyone I know who knows him, I know through my friend. Such a fix!

  3. I think you should say what you know. Whatever happens next is solely their look out. It depends upon the level of trust and transparency their relationship least you won’t be plagued with the guilt of not having spoken at the right time..

  4. Do a little background check on the guy and the girl with whom he was supposedly on a date. You might get to know that what is their situation. If something is actually going on then inform your friend otherwise let it be.

  5. If she considers you a true friend, she will understand where you are coming from. Telling her is better than not telling her and then finding out the guy was a jerk. Even if there’s a 5% chance of that happening, it’s a risk worth taking.

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