Friend’s husband having an affair

I recently spotted a friend's husband holding hands and walking with another woman at the mall. Should I confront him or tell my friend? Am very confused. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. I wish I could delve deeper but I barely know him and she will know if I try to go behind her back to see if her husband is having an affair. *p*

  2. How do I not tell my friend that the man she loves is having an affair? Whether she takes him back is upto her but I feel she has the right to know*p*

  3. Please do not! Spare your friend the agony. The affair will tide over, the man will come back to his wife. Why complicate it. And a third person can never understand the nuance of what goes btween two…please do no such thing. My serious advice! *p*

  4. It may not be an affair in true sense. He might have helped the woman come out of her trauma. Or it may have been just a casual walk with a cousin.*p**p*Even it is an affair, you do not have to be a moral police. Rather than trying to 'help' your friend it may be your 'urge to break a news' -"I know what you don't." Stay out of this.*p*

  5. Don't judge the situation just based on one such event. Keep a close eye till you come to a definite conclusion. Then let your friend know. If you tell your friend's husband then it can be dangerous and he might retreat back and your friend would never get to know it. So investigate a little more and find whether he is actually cheating on your friend. *p*

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