Friends with my ex’s ex

I think I have put myself in quite a spot. I had once met my previous boyfriend's ex and we added each other on FB. Never really stayed in touch and meanwhile I broke up with my bf as well. Sometime after that his ex contacted me for some work and we got talking and became friends. I am on good terms with my ex and he continues to be a friend as well. But he does not want his two exes to be pals. I cherish both their friendships and don't know which one to let go of!

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June 7, 2017


  1. Just do what pleases you. Just be friends, all of you. No one should have a problem.*p*

  2. Why let go of a friend for another? If they are important to you then you should be friends to both of them. And you're in no way answerable to your ex anymore about whom you should be friends with. *p*

  3. Oh plz why to let it go *p**p*btw he doesn't want two of you to be friends coz most probably he is playing up with both of you. You can think over it! *p*

  4. A somewhat similar question was asked to Osho. His reply:*p**p*You have not unknowingly put yourself in the spot. And you know that. You were and still are enjoying it.*p**p*You are doing what you want, but want others to think about your misery. But still you continue …think about it.*p**p*Accept that. It is natural; it is nothing to be worried about. If you start being worried about it, then you are creating a barrier. It is just natural. What can you do? Sometimes the past makes a shadow on you, it's okay.*p**p*Accept it… it is your past. Sometimes shadows move from the past because we have not yet learned how to live each moment totally, so incomplete moments remain hanging inside.*p**p*You were in love with someone but you never totally moved in that love, so something incomplete hankers for completion. That's why the idea comes again and again.*p**p*It is not really the idea of your ex-lover or boyfriend. It is really the idea that is knocking at your gate because you have not completed it. So complete it in fantasy, that's all: That's what the mind is doing, so don't push it aside, otherwise it will come again and again.*p**p*Give twenty-three hours to [the new boyfriend], one to the old boyfriend. For one hour just close your eyes and be with him; in fantasy at least, complete it. Within a few days you will see that you are sitting and one hour has passed and that boyfriend is not coming. Just complete it.*p**p*This is incompleteness, hence it persists. Once completed even in fantasy, it is finished. And don't do the same mistake with [the new boyfriend], because who knows — some day he may become an ex-boyfriend.*p**p*Be with him so totally that when you are with somebody else, [the new boyfriend] does not bother you. Right? It is difficult to understand right now, but that continuous memory simply shows that you were not with your boyfriend totally, so don't this time make the same mistake.*p**p*Otherwise ex-boyfriends will stand in a queue and they won't allow you to be with anybody. Their number will go on growing and they will all come as a crowd. They will not leave any space for the immediate lover.*p**p*Osho*p*

  5. Awwww….please do not let go of a good friendship because your ex doesnot want you to. Trust me people you bond with happnes once ina while. Cherish that! Your ex will come around! *p*

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