Gender and marriage

We understand gender today as a social construct. Does that tie it irrevocably to another social construct- marriage? Will gender issues and gender roles in marriage ever undergo fundamental changes? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. It totally depends on the people involved in the marriage to assign the roles to themselves. We are too modern to handle anything. A man can handle the kids and a woman can handle the professional life. So we need to segregate the roles according and perform it efficiently to make the marriage successful. And help our partners too.*p*

  2. I think it is changing nowadays. People have considerably moved ahead and are constantly breaking the social stereotypes. This modernisation has helped couples break away from the primitive norms of a working husband and the woman as the housewife. Nowadays, more number of couples are taking the initiative and dividing the labour amongst themselves. I think fundamental changes are gradually taking place and with the surge of globalisation I think the concept of breaking the stereotypes will only get strengthened.*p*

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