Gender ratio reversal!

I work in advertising. Recently our teams were reassigned and I have landed in an all women team, and I am the only man. Obviously there is a lot of girl talk that goes on in the team, which puts me in a tough spot. I don’t really have much to add to their conversations at the same time do not want to be left behind as a lot of times when they are hanging out they may talk business and that makes me feel out of the loop. They are all amazing women and I have no complaints working with them, but need some guidance from the ladies on this forum, on how to best navigate my way around. On top of that I have recently come out of a long term relationship, which is maybe making me more uncomfortable.

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Jamshed Ali
July 20, 2017


  1. You can have a LOT to add to their girl talk – a man’s perspective. Trust me, once you start contributing a man’s view on whatever they may be discussing, they will seek your opinion and you will not feel left out. Many a times women are fascinated to know what the guy would have to say about something. Of course, you should not be a judgmental guy, or one still stuck with archaic patriarchal notions. But it doesn’t seem like you are so all the best!

  2. Divide and conquer! Try making better friends with one or two girls, maybe the committed ones to avoid office gossip. They can then let you in. And be chivalrous and gentlemanly. Women greatly appreciate that. In fact, once you get on their good side, you will be spoilt by female attention and care!

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