Gender roles in Indian marriage are quite primitive. Why have such definite old school rules? What about some Ki and Ka?

Defining gender roles in Indian marriage is wrong for both – the man and the woman. Why not be a little linient towards who is "supposed" to be what?

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Swati Mehra
June 7, 2017


  1. This biggest change will take many decades to be completely accepted in Indian Society. Since birth, girls are taught to do house hold chores and boys are encouraged to play and learn outdoor activities. This is somehow induced in blood and then passed to coming generations. *p**p*Personally, I have seen a male really wanting to do household chores lovingly to be independent and help his dear wife, who was not interested in being typical indian woman. But that man was blamed to be loser and what not. With time he lost his self esteem and couldn't do anything now. I felt bad for couple who could have led happy life but were not allowed to do. *p**p*Change brings development and happiness but not all people want the change. They are just comfortable to continue the trend blindly. *p*

  2. Some Ki and ka is something which is too filmy. Until the time we keep rendering our concepts and thoughts from Bollywood movies, I don't think it's gonna work. Achhe dinn will only come when Bollywood takes some inspiration from our changing society and makes some movies out of it. *p*

  3. Marriage in itself as an institution is becoming primitive, is the general saying, but check the internet and every second page is about some XYZ shaadi, a big fat wedding. Its more like a show of wealth and a show of "oh how lovey dovey we are".. with all the pre wedding shoots and the post wedding and what not pictures all over. With expenseive lehengas and sherwanis, indian weddings are a gala event. *p**p*Why am i talking about event, is, the concept of marriage looses itself, as the whole focus is on this amazing wedding. In that way I think, more than the rules its the our society which is primitive. Marriage had no rules.. It was an institution which came into existence as a method to the madness kind of thing. Slowly over the centuries it evolved from an economic arrangement to a practical one. Today, its more like a low for marriages i think, as most of us seem to be putting up an act, rather than loving being there.. *p**p*Yes its about time things changed and men really really really , started helping out with chores, at home..(this helping out thing is universal, men are basically lazy all over i guess, but yes Indian men are a special breed)  and mothers raised Feminist sons rather than, mera puttar bartan nai karta.. types. *p*

  4. This needs change of generations. Who should do what is slowly changing as most of today's couple are working. They are sharing resposibilities of home and kids. But to give acceptance to Ki & Ka concept, our society is still not ready. *p*

  5. But that man was blamed to be loser and what not. *p**p*This is so appalling but unfortunately true. Let us try and break the so-called fixed norms. We need to encourage gender fluidity.*p*

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