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Online dating I feel is a bigger gamble than dating someone you'e met through a friend/ college/ work etc. The first date when you meet the person face to face for the first time can be eye opening to understand if you two get along in the real world. What could be some non-intrusive yet insightful questions one can ask to better know the almost stranger sitting across?

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Sabiha Khan
June 7, 2017


  1. First things first, I don't think online dating (unless there is a case of fake identity/criminal intent etc.) is riskier than dating someone you've met through a known person because in both the cases you know almost nothing about the person. *p**p*I believe the best way to approach the "first date" is by minimising expectations. Just be glad that you're getting to meet a new person with many stories to tell. Be interested in those stories, and drop all your facade. Be open, be vulnerable, be nervous, and be yourself. *p**p*You can talk about your schooling, college days, work-life etc. and see how comfortable the person is in sharing stories. On getting a positive response, you can move on to deeper conversations that will give you better idea about that person's ideologies, beliefs and preferences. *p*

  2. you can ask, how was your day? that will give you an opportunity to know minor part of the life of opposite person which will indeed give you a picture of his/her persona . . . opposite person may reply by saying 'it was good'. there you need follow up question, 'so what all you did today'. and you can generate multiple discussion theme from there on. it is an art to speak to some stranger, and practice makes one perfect ;)*p*

  3. Be comfortable … take it easy … start normal talk  like how was ur day and routines … you can know from body language and while conversation if you are aware you can know the deeper aspect. *p*

  4. Its like normal dating- meeting a strange or new person for the first time. You can be a bit old school, and try to talk to the person on the phone before you actually meet. You may not have to use ice-breakers if you have already spoken to the person before!*p*

  5. I personally am not too excited or comfortable with the idea of online dating. It IS a huge gamble! If however, one is in a situation like that, then I guess a few insightful, yet non-intrusive questions could be relating to childhood, schooling, friends, how often they like going out, etc, etc.*p**p*I think answers to them will highlight a lot about where he or she comes from, their values, and lifestyle. So if I were in that situation I would try my luck with these questions.*p*

  6. You can start by talking about yourself and bit by bit making him talk about himself …offer some trivial insight into your life first for him to get comfortable about talking about his life*p*

  7. Online dating!! Wow what all technilogy has brought along with it. *p**p*A gamble alright!! Personally I feel a stranger across me who's intention I have no clue of..will remain a risk irrespective of how many questions I ask. What if he or she is online to just flirt.lies blatantly to every question posing as someone he is a far cry from. Is my time emotion and care worth such a stranger.*p**p*Online dating!! Just not my cup of tea!!*p*

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