Good Sex

What consists of good sex? Is it just about reaching orgasms or is it more about intimacy? What would you rather have good sex or intimacy? Or are they the same for you?

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Malini Misra
August 7, 2017


  1. Intimacy is great. Your soul is connected with each other. It’s great especially if you are older and sex makes you pant and palpitate. Intimacy is like having a chilled coke on a hot day without the fizz. Sex is like having a chilled coke with fizz topped with rum On an icy cold bed

  2. It is about both being in sync. Intimacy is not that important if we simply talk about sex and not love. If you want good sex and want to have it without emotions, you can surely have it – why do you think people go in for one night stands – it is full of lust and hot, steamy sex.

  3. If there is a good understanding apart from love good sex can have multiple orgasms, intimate feelings and also many other things you have not asked for specifically.

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