Handling too much pampered male

How to handle too much-pampered male? MIL doesn’t allow her son to take a glass of water by himself, Blanket at night to be given by his wife and the list continues… I know in Indian society male are more pampered and respected even if they take all day rest, but females too need the same. When and how will our society understand this?

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Megha Sehgal
November 2, 2017


  1. No one will to make sure a change… As women, the first step has to be taken by us. If things have been continuing in a certain way, then we need to step up say ‘no’ and thus try to put a stop to this.

  2. Ha ha. A normal, any-household story. Give it years. And make your husband understand that you were also pampered at home. If you can learn to do all this, he can too. Another problem Indian sons will make tea for you when mil is not around. But never in front of MIL

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