Has anyone seen a perfect marriage?

What is a perfect marriage? How is it defined and who defines it? Is it a real thing or just a beautiful imaginary thing like the unicorns and mermaids: making for beautiful fantasies and stories but not found in real life.
A couple that handles their differences with ease, still has passion for one another and has completely alligned goals… do such couples exist? Has one ever 'seen' one with their own eyes? 🙂

Or is it that where there is love and maturity the perfection manifest itself in the imperfections…?


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July 13, 2017


  1. Yes absolutely perfect! Thank you for your lovely answer. It makes complete sense.  Loved the five magic mantras to your perrrfect marriage!*p*

  2. There is nothing perfect in this world. Everything is a compromise and those who willingly and lovingly accept it, go the distance. *p**p*For me, it is all about understanding and mutual respect that makes a relationship special. *p*