Has parental interference in marriages been questioned?

Parents are the cocoon one loves to embrace. Once a girl gets married, she looks up to them for support and love but there are times when their possessiveness can shatter their child’s dream. Have you ever come across such a case? What can one do in such a case?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Regular interference is a definite no-no…but sometimes a parent has to intervene, advice, and that is the support system you offer…its a thin and fragile line !!!

  2. Yes! I have. Where the girl started just looking at parents for every small and bog decision. After a point the husband and her fought simply because of assumptions that she would only do as per her parent’s advice. I mean, they started fighting about the source rather than the issue at hand. But then, how does one leave the girl altogether? It is a fine line to be walked…

  3. It depends upon the social environment of the inlaw’s family. There is nothing wrong for daughters to take advice from her parents sometimes, especially in the early years of her married life. But the constant interference by parents in very trivial issues of daily life would surely cause a disturbed relationship between them. Parents should give only opinions and not a judgment. After all, it is their life and they have to solve their problems with mutual understanding. But in a crucial situation, where the self-respect and basic freedom of a girl is in question, parents should stand like a rock to defend her.*p*