Has the advent of smartphones made relationships brittle?

Smartphones allow interaction with all kinds of people.It is possible to exchange photos, messages, & what not with the help of these devices… Has the advent of smartphones contributed to the rising infidelity in couple relationships?

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Bineesh Balakrishnan
June 7, 2017


  1. I do think that people have become more fickle and with temptations galore and technology’s aid the possibilities are endless. I think the relationships that are truly strong don’t get affected but the ones that are wobbly to begin with, may take the fall.

  2. Of Course , many advantages and more disadvantages . But smartphones are far more invasive and demanding of our time, connecting us to the world in vastly more ways than the flip phones of yore.It didn’t matter much how much a person used their device, but how much a person needed their device did. We’re becoming so obsessed over how our lives look to others through the digital glass that we forget how significant it is to live, invest and relish in the present moment and the reality we’re in.

  3. It seems to have enhanced the ease of information exchange. In my opinion, just as it has further enabled infidelious relationships, it has all other intended relationships. *p*Technology doesn’t perceive morality. It’s all about touching the screen, and faster rates of responses.

  4. I don’t think smartphones has made it easier to cheat. In fact, it helps couples stay in touch even when they are busy or travelling. Infidelity requires intention and when the intention is there, a person will cheat, with or without smartphones.

  5. Smartphones have shrunk our world and brought it all together in one tiny device .that means one need not step outside their home and meet both old and new people.this undoubtedly gives a great cover for all the interactions that one could get judged for otherwise.a person can successfully lead a dual life with the help of a pass code set in their device.numerous apps have made it possible to pursue some warranted and unwarranted activities.so a very married person can have a thriving life on tinder without giving it away in any way.*p*The absolute secrecy and outlet that smartphones provide have made it the proverbial forbidden fruit!

  6. It is the globalisation that has made people superficial, artificial, intolerant, commitment phobic and what not? And smartphone is a part of this modernization..*p**p*But even today when sex is so easy to get, it still depends on the individual whether he wants to fall into temptation or not. So its about the individual’s choice. I think smartphone has got nothing to do with it.

  7. Humans are a nastiest breed and honestly I shudder by the thought of us making this planet this wonderful and equally as terrible at the same time.*p**p*Blame Blame!*p*Go Away.*p*Little Humans, wants to play.*p**p*We love to blame and that’s as common as finding rats in a bakery. They are just there!*p**p*Usage smartphones can be in multiple ways. All depends on a person’s psyche. *p**p*E.g. If my lady or guy refuses to have sex (the latter, seem unlikely but who knows) partner is not in mood? *p**p*Baam – Smartphone helps you in several ways from porn to flirty conversation and that can turn up either as an escape from a fight with your partner or a stepping stone to divert your oozing emotions at someplace that makes your heart beat faster, somesome that accepts you and makes you feel good.*p**p*Hence usage of a smartphone is good and bad just how each human is sometimes good and sometimes absolutely unbearable.*p**p*

  8. I haven't seen the statistics on infidelity rising since the advent of smart phones. But I do know some people who have caught their partners cheating by looking into their phones. So I guess technology works for all!*p*

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