Has the sexual life in today’s fast growing world somewhere become more mechanical than the emotional bond between the partners?

It has always neen evidenced in many cases of unhappy couples that the lack of sexual bonding between the couples are somewhere one of the causes of their break-ups. In history sexual life was given as much importance as the emotional life. But in today's technological world when everything we want is just a hand away and all we are almost not left with is tranquility, is the beautiful art of sexualism somewhere missing it's essence and beauty?  Has it become somewhat of a more mechanical than the actual intimacy which  holded great esthatics in the ancient age and was given proper norturing and education?

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Joyeeta Talukdar
June 7, 2017


  1. yes. Though one cant generalise, it does appear to an older man's eyes that the romance ( not necessarily the love) and also the sacredness in sex has evaporated in todays instant world.Its very clear that the advances and swag in accessories etc  is a poor substitute for quality caring and time…the peer pressure of today emphasises on money, position and power only. and on bragging about sexual prowess and fancy imagination!  actually divesting one, of the chivalry so important in love and sacredness and respect for ones own partner. sorry if i sound old world, but you asked!*p*

  2. Sex has always been there. Fast or slow moving, high living or poverty, it has always been there. You could say that between some couples or companions sex does reduce over a period of time. But that's not because of only incompatibility or growing dissatisfaction. It could be the sameness. It could also be just abstaining. *p**p*There's never been any ground rules about sex. Some have enjoyed it till late life. Some have gotten bored in their early twenties itself. Some hit the sack and want to sleep and others want to be at it till wee hours of the morning.*p**p*What has happened in the modern age is the trivialization of it. *p**p*I have seen aunts deck themselves for their men and retire as early as possible to their rooms in anticipation. But they didn't utter a word of what went on. I have seen older men and women pull each other very publicly in clubs after a particularly frenetic party. I have witnessed energetic fertilizer dealers from India go on for entire nights in Pattaya. I have seen demure suburban teachers bounce up the stairs to a friendly neighborhood young man to bring back the juice in their sheltered lives.*p**p*Sex happens. Nothing has dried up. It's a fertile world out there. Maybe not with the spouse, always, anymore.*p*

  3. Thank you for the reply. Yes, indeed although the want of sex has increased yet it is the least spoken of and the beauty of it is missing somewhere in this fast growing technical world where the artificial beuatification is present but the escasity of it is missing.*p*

  4. Thanks Shail for the answer.  You need not be sorry, the comment of yours is very true in every sense.  Life has become so technice that even people have started using technology and social sites for having sexual satisfaction too.  It's more porne too materialism now *p*

  5. I am quoting here  Osho , " *p**p*The first thing is that up till now, all of human culture has been against sex, against passion. This opposition, this negation has shattered and destroyed the possibility of the birth of love in humans.*p**p*The simple truth is that sex is the starting point of all journeys to love. The birthplace of the journey to love is sex. And everybody is inimical to it, all cultures, all religions, all gurus, all holy men. “Sex is sin . . . sex is irreligious . . . sex is poison.” And it never enters our minds that it is sexual energy that ultimately transforms and transmutes into love.*p**p*But everyone is against it, is inimical to it. Your so-called good people are against it. And this opposition has not allowed the seed even to sprout. It has destroyed the place of love at is foundation, on the very first step.*p**p*How can something to which we have become inimical, to which we are opposed, with which we are continuously fighting, be transformed?*p**p*Humans have been set up against their own energy. Humans have been set up to fight against sex energy. On the surface, human beings are taught to support the dropping of all conflicts, all fights, all struggles. But deep down they are essentially being taught to fight: “The mind is poison, so fight against it – the the poison has to be fought against. Sex is sin, so fight against it.”*p**p*It is very important to understand one thing in this context. Human beings can never be separated from sex. Sex is the very source of one’s life; one is born out of it. Existence has accepted the energy of sex as the starting point of creation, and our holy men call it sinful … something that existence itself does not consider a sin! " *p*

  6. I agree. Although today's technology has paced up the world, it has created gaps in human bondings. The present situation does impact sex life. Too much stress these days does make us mechanical.*p*

  7. You are right, sex has become a chore rather than pleasure. Also, though there are more ligerie shops than ever, there is no openness of wanting to know what the other wants. We have turned a beautiful act into a chore! Sad! *p*

  8. Dear friend your language is so beautiful just like shashi Tharoors. *p**p*What ever I could figure out I feel sex is so individual though of course you need a partner. For some it is sacred for some it is a chore to done with and some don't need it at all. I remember reading Somerset Maugham and he has written that he just wanted to finish his partying and fornicating so that he wanted to get back to writing*p*

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