Have u ever felt a societal pressure to get married at a particular age?

Like it's some kind of joke that we are crossing age limit with respect to marriage..Does age decide that now we need to get married?? 

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Bhavita Golani
June 7, 2017


  1. No. I have never received this pressure from my family or more precisely my parents. My relatives are a bit orthodox and I have been in the middle of many coversations in which they debated upon the right age to get married but I have been fortunate to have such parents who have always respected my decisions. I think the case is different with Indian women who more or less feel the pressure at some point in their lives. I think the society should not matter as you being an individual have the right to marry or not marry at all. Although it is difficult, with man being a social animal. but its high time we backed ourselves and not crumble under societal pressure.*p*

  2. Absolutely NOT! Unfortunately, we live in a society where the peer pressure, the moment you cross a certain age, affects people far more than the 'reason' why they want to get married, it's time we focus on ourselves when it comes to such life decisions rather than focusing on the atmosphere that is created around us because of our decisions.*p*

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