Have you ever ask ur spouse to change their habits?

In my marriage my husband is having anger issue. He is very gentle and kind, but when he comes back from office in the evening he is so angry that sometimes he scares me. I always tell him k this will affect ur health And he also tell me that he is trying to remove it. Are you ever facing the same issue as a bad habit of ur husband irritates you and you help them to change it.

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June 7, 2017


  1. My hubby whenever he drinks, he drinks a little too much andgets arrogant. I do not know how to make him drink less. Someone suggested to make him have dinner before drinks but the resistance is too much. I do not think we can change anyone even by an iota! *p*

  2. My husband used to smoke a lot. And that badly affected him. I wasn't much concerned about it before but he started having breathing troubles. He used to be chain smoker but after my concerns and little positive counseling, he has decreased it. It's very tough to bring it down to 0 from 10 cigarettes a day. So he smokes just one these days. And his health is much better now. I think in time he'll get over that one cigarette a day habit too. *p*

  3. Raksha Bharadia, why I say trying to change habits is a non productive excercise is because of the traditionally funny quote:*p**p*HABITS die hard.*p**p*The other reason is analysing the process of breaking up of:*p**p*H A B I T*p**p*1. If you remove 'H', A Bit Remains.*p**p*2. If you further remove 'A', Bit Remains.*p**p*3. Even after trying your best, you remove 'B', IT Remains.*p**p*Meaning, your efforts seem to be working in first two stages, but in the third attempt, the original problem resurfaces with a venangence.*p**p* *p**p* *p**p* *p*

  4. Key for a successful relationship: Don't try to change your partner. He may be stressed while coming from office. You said he is gentle and kind, so try to ask him when he is cool about the anger issues. If everything else if fine then just ignore the anger issue and you try to be calm at that time.*p*

  5. Marriage is a relationship of adjustments, compromise and much more by both the husband and wife. Understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses is an aspect that comes with time. In the instant case, a husband returning home angry suggests that he is unhappy with some aspect of his work/working environment. He needs to confront the cause of this anger at the work place and not carry the baggage home. While it is easier said than done, efforts must be made towards this end. Meditation, execrcising are some ways of keeping calm. As young man, I would take out my anger/frustation in the squash court. A hard hitting game of squash would make me forget the cause of anger. While many would suggest the cliched "count till ten before speaking etc" I would suggest that your husband should control his reactions to any issue.Sleep over the cause of tension and then think rationally in a calm state of mind. Remember, any decision taken in anger, whether at the office or home, will be wrong.*p*

  6. It is a common issue. Even my wife complained of it at one point in time. I regulated the issue by managing my stress in an efficient way. All depends on how you approach a situation. Ask your husband to try to keep his professional stress away when he comes home. I think he will comply. You can also ask him to practice yoga. *p*

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