Have you ever dated your friend’s ex? If not why? If yes, how was the experience?

For the guys and girls- have you ever dated your friend's ex after they broke up?What was their reaction when they found out?Also, those who have dated friend's sister or friend's brother do share your experience.

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June 7, 2017


  1. A friend told me, one of her closest friends ended up having a one night stand with her 'ex'. Although she broke up with the guy about 6 months before the 'incident' she couldn't fathom the idea of one of her close friends having gone ahead and done something like that to her. But what amuses me now is she has been able to forgive both of them and is still friends with them. I can't really understand whether this is because she could reason the entire incident out with herself or just plain stupid to still have people like them in her life.*p*

  2. I'm guilty of both scenarios but then i was very young and reckless thos days.*p**p*1. When I met my friend a few months after her breakup, I confessed about her Ex and me and she surprisingly took the news well and felt that since they had broken up, it was not her business anymore to care who her Ex was dating. But then when she realised it was going strong betwen her Ex and me, jealousy popped up and it got ugly. Long story, short. 13 yrs down the line, The Ex and I are still good friends and I lost touch with my friend a couple of years post my confession.  *p**p*2. A friend (and her parents) were very thrilled when "he" and I started dating. But we broke up, there was a lot of pressure on both us to get back together and it only pushed us further away from achother. I had to breakup with the entire family.   *p*

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