Have you ever felt an intense desire and need to be in relationship with someone ?

How have you felt when the person you were strongly attracted to, either turned you down; walked away; felt helpless or for any reason could not respond with equal intensity ? What is your suggestion to someone who is struggling, to either catch the attention or win over the 'dream-mate' in his or her life ?

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Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi
July 13, 2017


  1.  *p**p*Thank you for your suggestions along with well balanced reasoning. Your participation is well appreciated.*p**p* *p**p* *p*

  2. To be attracted to someone is a natural phenomenon. I think everyone, well at least a vast majority, would have had such an experience wherein it is a purely one-sided affair. Sometimes, a persistent following, with clean and polite intentions, may alter the feelings of the "target" person. However, if the person consistently wishes to avoid you it would be best to reconcile to the fact and move on. I know it is easier said than done, but this is where one's level of maturity comes to the fore. A 'weak' person may resort to aggresion, forcibly confront/attack, rape which is not only unlawful but a societal disaster.*p**p*My advice would be to disclose one's feelings in a decent manner to the object of one's desire. If the response is positive, good luck. If it turns out be negative, just drop the object like a hot potato and move on. Any further action by you may aggravate the situation and cause endless harm both physical and mental.*p**p*It would do good to remember Buddha's sermon: "Desire is the root cause of all evil!"*p*

  3.  *p**p*Nice reply. You have an extraordinary ability to express so well that without dousing the other person, you make your point, understood and acceptable. *p*

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