Having a Friends for benefits outside marriage- is it ok?

While marriage is a sanctum and we take a vow to share everything- physical, mental, spiritual, emotional with our life partner, what when both have a totally contrasting take when it comes to sex. One has a higher sex drive and the other gets cold feet, sex is a chore. Is it ok for the partner to look for physical intimacy outside his/her marriage? Is it wrong, would that mean that he/she is tied for life with the spouse and has to give up on his/her desires?

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September 2, 2017


  1. Well Shailendra Gulhati- lets be absolutely clear. This is an open discussion on a topic which I was researching for a post on Open relationships to be published on this platform. Its ridiculous when you take this as personal advice that I am seeking. If I had to- I don’t think I would need the opinion of random people on the net! If you read the piece about an assexual partner and the other who has a higher sex drive- you would understand the gist. A piece of advice- keep it as “my opinion sans judgement” next time. That’s all