Having affair with older woman can be quite intriguing. Any experiences?

Having affair with older woman can be quite intriguing. Any experiences?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. It's a beautiful feeling. I have been with older women and it has mostly only made me wiser. They are really clear about what they want and what is expected; drama is comparatively less. Sorry but that's what I have experiecned. *p*

  2. I had a temporary fling. I was with a woman who was 7 years elder to me. We went along well until we fell out of each other for some reason. It is really intriguing to be honest. One thing is for ceratin. You will never be short of surprises if you are dating an older women. They have so much of experience and that is sometimes a challenging thing to match. They have a rounded view about everything that will always surprsise you. I had a very good experience I must say. They help you mature fast.*p**p* *p*

  3. I always want to have such kind of an experience. From what I've heard, it's really good and different. They always know what they want out of you and that's the first thing which you want to give them. So, it makes it easy. With age, our physical needs change and very few people are able to keep up with it. And, we should accept that change. A similar thing happens to a mature grown up woman. And, a man with middle age crisis is rarely able to fulfill her needs. In terms of bodily needs and how she always wants her in the proximity of her emotional boundaries. *p**p*And, a young man fits better for that role. So, it's satisfying and that's why it's beautiful.*p*

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