Having someone to love in life is amazing but why do we start losing grip over the bond gradually?

What keeps couples in love throughout a life time? Is there actually a forever or is it a myth? Having someone to love in life is amazing but why do we start losing grip over the bond gradually?

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Neeti Singh
July 13, 2017


  1. There's a saying I read somewhere. Success has the same path, but failure is unique for everyone. I'd say that applies here. The couples that lose love over time will have different reasons. Sometimes it could just be luck. As time progresses we change and become different people. It is possible the person you fell in love with at 20 is not who they are at 50. Or maybe they've stayed the same, while you've changed and are seeking something else in a partner. Also, keeping a marriage alive takes active work and most people think that the buck stops when you tie the knot. But it is post wedding that a couple's true test begins and both need to be aware and participative to help the bond grow.*p*

  2. I think when the mid-life crisis comes, people tend to lose the grip over everything. Everything seems morose and monotonous and people tend to be an infidel person. *p**p*And forever is not a myth. Some bonds are there where no matter what happens the faith in love and the faith in the partner remains too strong. It's true and the people who have a partner like that are the luckiest and the happiest couples on the earth. *p*

  3. Because we often take relationships for granted. Only winning some one's heart is not sufficient for an ever going love filled relationship. Maintaining that relationship is even more important. We should do whatever it takes to flurish a relationship that is most crucial in our life. *p*

  4. In most cases the love begins to evolve or change and couples mistake this as 'falling out of love'. As the relationship transforms into a deep companionship, the crazy initial passionate feelings subside and this often makes people anxious about the strength of their relationship!*p*

  5. Because love is not a grip. It cannot be forced on someone. Frankly love is very difficult to find these days, in a society where since childhood we teach all to be selfish. So at times we tend to mix up desire, infatutaion etc with love. But I can guarantee you if its true love it will always stay….*p*

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