Helping a widowed friend

A dear friend tragically lost her husband to cancer. She has 2 young children. She is suddenly all by herself with no job and the kids. I want to do whatever I can to help her survive being a widow. Any suggestions?

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June 7, 2017


  1. She has never worked so it is tough getting something without experience. Maybe some sort of course will help. Thanks!*p*

  2. You can just help her find job contacts. That would be the greatest help. In the mean time you can help her with some money until she gets hold of a job. Be there for whatever she needs at the moment and everything would be fine.*p*

  3. she should use her educational qualification to get some work. if not that, alot of vocational studies have come up which open great opportunities for women. these courses can be done through correespodence or once or twice a week classes.*p**p*determination and a strong heart shall let this time pass too!! i wish her the best of luck!!*p*

  4. Help her to give her children a better life and career. That'll be the biggest help possible. Monetary help is okay but if you're there for them whenever they need you, then it will be worth everything you wanna do for them. Be there as her friend and the kid's guardian and don't let them feel lonely and depressed. *p*

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